Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time to Bed Down

Because Trevor is leaving in less than a week, we are trying to hang out as much as humanly possible. The factors that effect this include but are not limited to, Trevor has to pack, our children, our wives, our jobs (well, my job. Trevor doesn't have to work to get paid anymore), my thesis, sleep, both of us being sick.

Regardless, last night we managed to squeeze about 1.5 hours in. In this time, we got in two games of the Settlers of Catan. Here I do not mean to gloat. Rather, I think it is very important to make the results known for the sake of information sharing. Having said that...

I Dominated Catan. Catan was settled twice by me. The first game was a pretty straightforward, methodical destruction of Trevor's hopes and dreams of being able to lay down roots for the generations to come in Catan. Instead, they will have to work as hired hands under the reign of Count Ryan. Fortunately for them, I still believe in the Kingdom of God's current presence on earth, so I will serve them as their master. That's how it works. So really, I guess it's better for Trevor's descendants than mine. But mine will find themselves becoming more whole as they submit themselves to Trevor's offspring. And all of this does not negate the land I dominated. I will keep that. But I will be happy to let Trevor and his family travel along my longest road.

The second game was quite different. On every six, Trevor got a brick and a wood, i.e. a road. Needless to say, I did not even attempt the longest road. Plus, he got the road building d. card. As much as it hurt my soul, I was set up to buy many D. card, 5 out of 6 of which were soldiers. This made me uncomfortable, but I decided that as the leader of the soldiers, I could train them to convince the thief to leave by serving him and talking to him in a loving manner, leading him to the recognition that Trevor's part of Catan was a better place for him to live. In this way, I had the largest army, but we were the first non-violent army in Catan. In the midst of Trevor's crazy road building, I lay in wait like a tree viper, keeping perfectly still for three days in order to lay waste to an unsuspecting otter. And Trevor the Otter was laid waste. However, I snuck up and only won by one point.

All in all, a good time was had and everyone is welcome to come visit Catan whenever they like. Since I own most of it, you can stay wherever you like. I recommend sheep-land, because it reminds me of New Zealand, which is a nice place. The only down side is, you'll have to get your own transportation to the island, because I do not have the Seafarers expansion pack.


Alice Robbins said...

Catan? I LOVE Catan! We play the German version here in Poland! It is one of my group's favorite games!!! Good going Trev! Beat the bro! Hope you do it next time! Have you played the Castles and Knights version? It rocks!

Trevor said...

That made me cry--not because my soul is downcast from the thrashing, but because it was much humorous. I will destroy Ryan in the future. I have learned almost all his "I've played Catan a million times" tricks he uses to beat me up.

GreekGeek said...

It is good to discover what exactly a non-violent person does when they are handed the military in a civilization building board game... Trev, I suppose he's just returning the favor for all those "who can hit the softest" games?

Ryan 1 said...

Alice - I have played Castles and Knights, but on this side of the pond it's called Cities and Knights. That is easily the best expansion. If nothing else, for the sweet locking pieces that go around the outside of the board.

Mariam - Yeah, it's a little trickier to justify Risk. Usually I place all my pieces in Northern Europe or the Middle East and then a calvinist friend kills all my communities.

Cory said...

My smart friends like Settlers. And, I hate the game. Which makes me nervous that I'm not really all that smart.

It's just to slow for me. I get bored.