Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Strange New Land

Today I went into the bookstore at Huntington College (University) to see if the books were in since the class I'm teaching starts next week. While I was waiting for someone to talk to me I thought I'd take a quick look-see around the store to see what they had. Since I worked in the greatest bookstore in the world for almost three years (I'd like to send a shot out to all my former bookstore co-workers and homies) I'm interested in other bookstores, especially at Christian educational institutions.

I came to a bookcase that had the bestsellers listed. I want to preface what comes next by saying that I'm sure they took this list from some other place that lists the best selling Christian books, so I'm not hatin on them directly or anything...#1 on the shelf was something by Joyce Meyer. On the next shelf down, at #4 was Joel Olstien's book "Your Best Life Now."

Not wanting to launch into a judgmental (prophetic?) tirade, I will just say here that I think there are a nearly infinite number of books that would be more edifying for the followers of Christ than these. I hate that my alma mater is promoting them.

I'm not in the Denver Seminary bookstore anymore. Perhaps if I just close my eyes and recite the incantation, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no..."

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Alice Robbins said...

Yo Trev! I am so sadden by your post today. You don't have to come down on these people, I WILL!

It is the dumbing down of American Christians. It reminds me of what Paul wrote Timothy about men who will tickle the ears of week minded "women". Not an inditement on my gender, but isn't it interesting that since we have upheld the female as being "more worthy" than the male gender in this country, all sorts of CRAZY stuff is NOW the norm and the orthodox is what is being seen as simplistic and naive!

Thanks for you posts! I really enjoy them!