Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trash Talk

Something you may not know about me is that I like sports talk radio. I started listening in Denver during football season because I love football, but it hooked me. There are limits to my enjoyment since talk radio people have perfected the art of saying the same thing fifty times before moving on when there's not much to talk about, but overall I like it.

Yesterday I was listening to said talk radio and they were talking about the U.S. Open (golf). Apparently the course is really tough this year and so their topic was whether the golfers were competing against each other or against the course. What a stupid question! If they're playing the same course then they all have the same difficulties to overcome, so of course they're competing against each other.

This post has ended up being lame, but the question just annoyed me. It's my blog, I'll do what I want.

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Ryan 1 said...

Amen my brother. I also enjoy the fine art of sports radio. For awhile I was listening to Mike & Mike, Around the Horn, and PTI, as well as Tony Kornheiser's radio show. Then I realized I was literally listening to the same thing four times a day.

As for the Open, I agree. Unless some people get to play an easier course, quit whining. They all have to play it. If the winner ends up 4 over, that shows that it is legitimately challenging. Par is supposed to be good. Maybe pro golfers are too used to easy courses (for them, not me). Also, Mike Wilbon pointed out on Tony Kornheiser's radio show yesterday that every year the US Open is the toughest. Somewhere around four years in a row, the winner has been over par. So it's not just this course. They are supposed to have to play tough courses. That's why the PGA motto is "These guys are good," not "These guys are whiny babies if they have to play a course that is a challenge to them."