Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hola Mi Hermano

I begin pecking the black keys with white letters on my laptop which I use and look forward to this outlet of writing where I may type in unintelligible ways and no one will care--because no one but my brother will read this. This reminds me of the tiger that is bound to the confines of the artificially created pseudo-habitat of the zoo. Then one day the monkey from the book "Goodnight Gorilla" creeps from the pages of the epic children's book to free said tiger. The tiger emerges and teleports to the bush of Africa where he roams free and his mind is clear with the crisp air.

I and the tiger are brothers. Not literally, as I only have one real brother, but in a metaphorical and metaphysical way that reaches beyond the realm which we inhabit. Here's to you blog, and here's to you brother. May our hours of blogging be filled with funnery and wonderfulness.

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