Saturday, January 27, 2007

No Entiendo

I was in Isaiah's room playing a fun-filled round of "pretend everything in the room is a horse" last night and just started thinking about how thankful I am to have him. He truly is wonderful and I enjoy my time with him so much. Which led me to thinking that I don't know how anyone who has kids can be a Calvinist.

I look at my son, who I love dearly, and can not imagine any reality in which the supreme being of the universe would have created him for the purpose of damning him. I know the arguments about how we all deserve damnation and that God can do what he wants because he is God, but they just don't hold up for me. I don't see how a God who really is love (and just, I'm not even leaving that out) could not give people a chance. How he could set aside some of his creations for punishment and pain without any hope for them escaping it.

Maybe I'm just not theologically astute.

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