Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I just finished watching the best episode of House ever. Call it what you will, House has moments of brilliance. Specifically, tonight's episode dealt with the problem of evil, abortion, the meaning of life, existentialism, the nature of existence, and others. It was a cornucupia of introductory level analyses of issues in ethics, philosophy, theology. Dang.

This episode was especially good because it broke the House mold. Even though I love the show, every episode is...something weird happens to somebody, House and his crew try to figure it out, they think they figure it out, we find out they are wrong with 15 minutes left, then House figures it out and things resolve. But tonight, there was no medical mystery. It made me glad that the writers don't HAVE to do medical CSI every week. Also, kudos to the producers of the show for allowing the writers and director to air the show it and make it extremely dialogue-heavy. In a country that considers television exclusively entertaining, it is nice to see a show on primetime offering such a gem of thought.

It must be said that all of these exchanges in the episode remained on an introductory level. But this is the same sort of great provocation we have enjoyed over the years from the Simpsons. All in all, this episode of House perhaps left me wanting more discussing action, but for an American television program, I am seriously impressed.

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