Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm supposed to put a dislike now, but I'm not in the mood, so I'll quickly say I don't like working on my thesis. This should not come as a shock. There.

This morning at Caribou, there was a guy who is a fifth generation carpenter. That is sweet. I want to get into woodworking once I graduate. Problems: I don't have a place to do that. I don't have the tools to do that. I don't have the knowledge to do that. I don't have decent health insurance, so if I cut off my finger, we'll be out a few thousand dollars.

So I guess I won't be crafting beautiful furniture any time soon. But maybe I will someday. I think this desire may be genetic, because my father is a master woodworking craftsman. Plus, I'm really into Anabaptism, which includes simple living. The close relatives of Anabaptists are Amish, and we all know the Amish are incredible at making stuff out of wood. So I guess I'm destined to work on wood.

Personal update: I'm playing bass at Herman's Hideaway in Denver with my friend Josh Saturday night. I'm getting paid for this, which is something I was unable to accomplish in 9 years of bass playing. So that'll be nice. If you're around, come on out. The show starts at 8:30.

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