Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's a Must

Trevor will be relieved to know that now...only one month after our epic journey, I am posting the barely legible notes from the Denver-Aurora-Huntington Voyage. While we would like to think that the primary purpose of this sharing is for the enjoyment of all viewers, it is far more likely that this will serve as an online reminder to the two of us of a heavenly host of inside jokes.

-We forgot to get directions to the hotel Trevor got on Priceline, or the Priceline confirmation number. Therefore, there are phone numbers and email info scribbled all over the notes. We called Mikkin to get the info, but it wasn't on the email. We called Erika later and she checked every email account Trevor or Michelle has ever had, and there was no info. We called Priceline but you have to have your confirmation number to talk to customer service, which is what we trying to find. In the end, we think the order was cancelled because Trevor and Michelle closed their bank account...even though they left enough in the account to pay for the hotel. But it worked our for the best because it was so rainy that we had to stop before Des Moines anyway. This leads to

-This was the windiest trip in the history of trips (including sea voyages and the boat trip in the Perfect Storm). At one point the doors of the truck almost blew off when we opened them. This also caused our truck to average 52 mph the first day.

-At one stop, we went to Taco Bell in the gas station to get lunch. When we walked in, it was empty and all the employees were sitting around the restaurant. We walked up to the counter and they looked really confused concerning what we were doing there and what possible intentions we could have. They ambled behind the counter and took our order. We continued to be the only people in the restaurant while we waited for them to prepare our meal. When it was ready, we were standing right at the counter waiting for it and the lady still yelled, "Order 158," and looked around the restaurant before handing us our meal.

-I was slouching a lot in the passenger seat, and the seatbelt attached really high, so most of the time, the seatbelt was going from my airpit to my neck and the top and across the top of my belly at the bottom. Trevor thought that was hilarious.

-We stopped at a place called "Fat Dogs"

-We made up a number of stories together that may be considered inappropriate, but the title of one of them was "The Mystic Moustache"

-We saw Jeffers St.

-Trip Theme: Passing up good exits to get farther and not having any exits after that.

-Quote of the Trip: "It's sad when you can't see the seatbelt." - Ryan

-We played tons of Settlers of Catan, but I unfortunately did not write down the final scores. I think the first night was 2-1 Ryan, second night - 1-1, and last night 1-0 Trevor, but I'm not sure.

So that is the rundown on the trip of a lifetime. We probably should have taken more notes, becuase much more hilarious stuff happened.


Trevor said...

You are probably right that no one else will think it is funny, but I can barely see the screen right now from crying I'm laughing so hard. I still can't believe they called our order number!!

Thanks for getting this one up. I will print it and keep it under my pillow forever.

David said...

I loved the Taco Bell story. I love the image. I can also appreciate that sentiment that it truly is a sad moment when the seat belt has disappeared into the great abyss that is the results of drinking wonderful amounts of beer. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.