Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wet Truck

I am not the offical bearer of the tales of the road trip. That title and position belongs to one Ryan Lee. However, because I participated in the trek from Denver to Aurora (IL) I feel entitled to make some comments until the true sage of roadtrip revelry decides to post.

The theme of our trip was rain and diesel. With a title like that I'm assuming a movie is forthcoming. I learned that rain is wet and soaks your clothes and that diesel is smelly and stays on your hands even when you wash them. It is not fun to drive in driving rain and it takes a lot of diesel to drive a moving truck. Raindrops kept falling on my head and diesel allowed us to keep on truckin.

I was disappointed that we did not have a CB radio to make trite conversation with truckers. However, we were given the insider trucker signal of flashing taillights to indicate thanks for letting them in a few times which made me feel like the illegitimate child of the trucking world. I was a child, but one who wasn't really wanted.

Well, if you couldn't tell yet, I'm really just passing time until Ryan posts. His entry will provide more detail and fun than mine.

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Cory said...

Oh, tell about how your trailer got stolen at the drop-off location or how you spent the night at the world's largest truck stop.