Monday, February 26, 2007

Domination Station

Last night we had some pals over to watch the Oscars. As per the custom, we had an Oscars contest and here are the results.

We guessed 12 different categories:
T4. Beth Osberg - 2
T4. Erica Morrow - 2
T3. Eric Osberg - 3
T3. David Morrow - 3
2. Erika Lee - 6
1. Ryan Lee - 8

LEE'S DESTROY! You know it's hard-core because I hate all caps and exclamation marks. David accused me of cheating, but there's no way. Oz was watching me as I entered everyone's guesses including mine. And with Lydia's crying, David kept track of the last half of the winners, so he saw that my answers were in.

The only prize in this contest was my ability to go on here and tell the world that I completely ruled the contest. I had more than double the points of anyone else (except Erika).

This post may seem arrogant, but I have to cling to what few victories I amass in this life. So here's to me.

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Trevor said...

Good job congratulating yourself. You're learning young one.