Sunday, February 25, 2007

Question of the Century

Since Ryan has been introducing new features on the blog, I thought I'd join in and introduce one myself. I am calling it "Question of the Century" (read in your head with lots of reverb).

Here's how it works--every one hundred years I will ask a question and you will answer it--either with a comment or in your head. I hope this makes sense, I know it's difficult.

This century's question is--What is your favorite candle scent? Why?

I know that's two questions, but cut me some slack, it's once a century.


Ryan 1 said...

My fave candle scent is probably unscented, such as tea or votive candles. Here's the breakdown. I don't like earthy candles like pine because they remind of floor cleaner. I don't like cleaning the floor. Except with a shmop, but that is not pine scented. I don't like fruity candles because they smell like weird intense fruit. I don't like candles that smell like food (cookies or cakes) because they either don't actually smell like the food they advertise, or they make me hungry when there are no actual cookies to be had. I don't like flower-smelling candles because I don't like the smell of flowers. And I have the Queer Eye crew backing me, because they once said that flowers are for looking at, not smelling. That's the breakdown. Unscented.

Steve said...

No doubt about it for me--- French Vanilla. It doesn't quite fall in the food category (see Ryan's pick), and well, I just plain like it.

Trevor said...

To answer my own question I will go with warm vanilla sugar. It smells awesome and I don't want to eat it. I'm with Ryan on the rest.