Friday, February 9, 2007

Liquid Lunch

As I was at the caffeine pedaling mega-corporation today getting my overpriced fix this morning I noticed something I probably should have noticed many other times. The way they sell their drinks disposes you to buying the largest one they offer--the venti (best said with an evil English accent). You pay $3 for the small, and then for the large (probably double the amount of liquid) it's only about a buck more. That's too good a deal to pass up!

And then I realized that this tactic is a staple of American culture. King Size It for 39 cents. At 7Eleven the smallest soda and the gallon bucket are the same price. And we figure we might as well get the deal. Never mind the fact that this is a major contributor to our obesity and overindulgence in general. We're taught to be financially savvy over moderate.

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Ryan 1 said...

At the Huntington 7 Theater, you can increase the size of your beverage or popcorn for only 50 cents more. I especially buy into all this when there are free refills. I will eat lunch at the restaurant instead of taking it to go so I can get a few free refills. Nevermind the time I'm missing at work by not eating there probably equals the cost of buying a separate drink at work.