Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hip-Hop is on Life Support

I was just flipping through the channels and the little info pad at the bottom on CNN said "The State of Hip Hop," so I stopped because I love me some hip-hop. As I'm sure you know, I only like certain types of hip-hop, the likes of which are almost never on the radio (except Nas, Kanye, Ghostface, Common, Outkast).

Regardless, they had a DJ from HOT 107.9 in the ATL, which is THE hip-hop station for the whole world. This guy used to have a giant show, but he was very disillusioned with the example hip-hop was setting for the youth, especially those without a father in their home. He became a Christian and started a ministry called The Spirit of Hip-Hop. Apparently this show is blowing up, but the sweetest thing (you will see this in the blurb) is that they not only try to redeem hip-hop, but they are also an active presence in the community, providing meals and doing other sweet action.

I'm not trying to be judgmental jeff, but a lot of times, it seems like celebrities compromise their influence when they become Christians by reducing the gospel to personal salvation. But with the Spirit of Hip-Hop, they have some good dang theology. In the interview, the lady asked if he tries to change the people he works with. He said, "I can't change people and that's not my job. That's God's work." He also hasn't established this "us vs. them" mentality that seems to infiltrate celebrity ministries. It seems to be kind and loving enough that HOT 107.9 advertises them and works with them. Anyway, I was super-impressed and you should be too...for the kids.

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