Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Nice Change

One of the pastors at Southern Gables went to a recent celebration at DU. I don't remember exactly what it was for, but it was put on by the Vietnamese Student Club (I'm sure that's not exactly the name of it). One of the things he relayed they did there really seemed incredible to me.

At one point they played and sang the Untied States' national anthem. Then they played and sang the Vietnamese national anthem. After that they had a moment of silence. Our pastor was told that the moment of silence was to remember and show respect to everyone who died in the Vietnam War.

This seemed like a response that could be affirmed by Christians. No matter our views on war we can all agree that it's horrible (yes, I stole that from Donald Miller, but at least I admitted it). Anyway, I just thought that was great and that I'd share it.

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Meagan said...

I fully support quotes from Donald Miller. Good man :-) Thanks for sharing!