Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Gosh Dang II

And I listened to Jesus Wants to Save Christians VII by Rob Bell. He once again blew my mind with nuggets of beauty that I hold in my palm. Of the tons of raging sweetness, there is this on eternal life and stuff..."There is a religious tendency to not only be happy that we are in, but to find satisfaction in others being out."

Ouch city. Here's another one, "How will you earn the love of a God who loves you exactly as you are?" That one hit me in the chest. Like Trevor when I was seven years old. Except this time it was in a good way. This was great because such a thing is something I believe but constantly forget. So seriously, check out Jesus wants to save Christians vols. VI and VII. Similarly, there is the Wii which looks like it is really fun. I know that makes me sound like a kid, but I don't care. I want to play some Wii tennis against Trevor.

And on a funny note, he talks about having a pastor's hangover on Mondays from doing so much on Sundays. "You're tired, your head hurts, and you keep thinking, 'I said what?'" Yeah.

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Trevor said...

Nice quotational quotations. I only tapped you in the chest when you were seven. I want to play Wii tennis too.