Monday, February 5, 2007

Just Sad

It wasn't really my intent to get too controversial or anything on this blog, mostly to have fun. Sometimes you just have to say something though and I thought if Ry got ahold of this info first he might smash his keyboard or something, so I'll take it on.

I was watching the news a few days ago and saw that G-Dub has announced that he'll ask Congress for $100 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this year and $140 billion next year. As I write that it makes me want to cry. The most wealthy nation in the world is going to spend (at least if the pres gets his way) $240 billion in the next two years on war. We could end starvation with that kind of money. We could build millions of homes for the homeless around the world with that kind of money.

Lord, let your kingdom come when our efforts will be given to redemption!


Ryan 1 said...

I don't need to smash my keyboard. That's kingdoms of the world being kingdoms of the world. It upsets me most when Christian groups act like kingdoms of the world when the are supposed to be the Kingdom of God (If it looks, acts and sounds like a duck...). So I'm not surprised. It is a bummer. I won't argue that, but it's also not surprising.

Steve said...

For not, just seeing if I can get logged in on this conversation!

Trevor said...

Ryan--so reserved. You know I agree with your perspective but it still makes me angry. Not because I expect any nation to embody kingdom values but just because it's such a waste of money! Even though I know I should expect it the ridiculous priorities of this world still blow my mind.