Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Beebop & Rocksteady

I'm about to make a potentially completely illegitimate claim. Are you ready?


Here is the insanity descending upon us all on one fabulous tuesday...

-Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire - I have only listened to the iTunes preview, but it seems that like hope in James, it does not disappoint.

-Pocket Symphony by Air - I can't believe how much I love Air. Plus this includes a track with Charlotte Gainsbourg on vocals. What an amazing gift.

-No, Not Me, Never by the Photo Atlas - I know what you're thinking...this has been out for a year. But this is the Stolen Transmission release, which means sweet new artwork and presence on iTunes new release zone, which may perhaps equal more listeners for this incredibly deserving Denver band.

-From the Plantation to the Penitentiary by Wynton Marsalis - New Wynton Marsalis release...I need not explain.

-Four Winds EP by Bright Eyes - Once again, Bright Eyes blows us away with a release that has a pop feel. What? Yeah I said it.

-Don't Quit Your Day Job by Consequence - Here's Consequence's much-anticipated full-length follow-up to Take 'Em to the Cleaners and this time, we have the great Kane West producing and making appearances. D-Dang.

There might be some other stuff I am foolishly unaware of, but I think 6 releases that on their own would make it a good Music Release Tuesday combine forces to easily take the title of best Music Release Tuesday of the year. So that's a challenge to the remaining Tuesdays in 2007. Beat this Tuesday. I dare you. Ya heard.

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