Friday, March 9, 2007

Time for Thads

Just in time for the weekend, it's question of the week time. I saw this lady on the Colbert Report the other day from China who does lots of economics stuff. She said that they have cities that manufacture particular items in China. I had heard of this before, but I always thought it was the made up fantasy of some awesome kid. What is not awesome is when people do not receive decent wages for working in these factories, but that is a discussion for another day. The question at hand is...

What city would you want to live in?

I think I would probably go for pogo-stick city or Heelys city. Heelys are the shoes with wheels in the heels. This would be the two most amazing cities in the world. Everybody would pogo or heel their way wherever they are going. What sweet glory these would be. They would have heel-through or bounce-through windows at fast food restaurants. In fact, I think they should be like the twin cities in Minnesota, so there's lots of pogoing and heeling back and forth. And maybe it could be like the Jets and Sharks in West Side Story, but with bouncing up and down and wheeling around. The possibilities are endless. Oh man. Now I'm really bummed that I don't live in either of these cities. I need to go find some tissues.

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Our Family said...

This is a great question. My top 5:

5. Hovercraft City
4. Tear Jerker City (gumballs)
3. iPhone City
2. Bible City (I'm holy)
1. Rubber Uriel Figurine City