Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bocce Ball

I subscribe to the NPR podcast "This I believe," because most of the time there is some pretty great nuggetry. I just listened to the one from this week, and it was monumentally outstanding. Read the transcript here. It will blow your mind with honesty, intelligence and profundity.

I will also tell you that I needed this today. Yesterday I went to a "peacemaking" presentation at lunch-time that the DMIN office put on at the seminary. The guy presenting turned out to be a hyper-fundamentalist wanting to Reclaim America for Christ. We're talking straight-up christian imperialism. We got free pizza and it was totally not worth it. It was totally a fear-based fight for your rights as christians message. So thank you NPR, for making me feel better today.

Also, I have sucked at the question of the week, I know. But I thought we could ride out the question of the century for awhile.

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