Saturday, March 3, 2007

Get Lost!

I am usually pretty skeptical of TV dramas. Not that there aren't some I enjoy, but it seems that over time one of two things happens--1) The same plot plays out week after week (e.g. CSI, Law and Order) 2) The story starts out awesome and then slows to a crawl so they can fit in more seasons (Prison Break).

When Lost first came out I remember people talking about how great it was, but I figured it would just be another disappointment so Michelle and I never took the time to watch it. I'm not really sure how it happened but a few weeks ago we decided to check out the first season of Lost on DVD. Now, a few weeks and many late nights later we've finished season two. Needless to say we love it!!

I really do think this is the best TV drama I've ever watched. I recommend you get Lost with us if you haven't already.


Ryan 1 said...

I'm glad that you said best tv drama "I've ever watched," because none should step to the Sopranos...a show which neither repeats itself nor gets slower. Also, tv dramas are typically terribly lame and must either be ignored or relegated to guilty pleasure-dom.

This is also why we have much to learn from the british, because they are much more comfortable with having a show on for 1 or 2 seasons and calling it a series instead of dragging it out forever.

Finally, I have never watched Lost ever. There's something about Island stuff I don't like (except the band The Islands, they rule). I didn't like Castaway, I don't like Survivor. Also, I know more about that show than some shows I do watch because urrbody's always talking about it. Who are the others? What's down the hatch? Why is the old stubbly guy so mean? So at this point, I've completely checked out on Lost. Deal with it.

David said...

I really like lost, but damn American Idol is on at the same time and I definitely lose that battle with my wife. I am so submissive.