Monday, March 5, 2007

Robot Dogs 4 Tomorrow!

Yesterday around noon, I was eating some lunch, and I turned on the old tv. I was flipping around in limbo because there is no NFL, and the AFL was on. If you are unaware, the AFL is the Arena Football League, the NFL's illegitimate nephew. Yesterday's match-up was Kansas City vs. Chicago. Apparently KC won the title last year, something I was entirely unaware of. As I was watching it, I was conflicted. Why do I dislike the AFL so much? They do lots of cool stuff, like nets on the sides of the uprights, so you can catch a missed extra point and run it back for a TD. Also, it's sweet to smash people into the wall and stuff. I guess I don't like it, because I want it to be the NFL and it is not.

So I was wondering if it was lame for me to watch the AFL and enjoy it, and then the best kind of product placement kicked in. I realized one of the commentators of the game was Ron "Jaws" Jaworski. I freakin' love Jaws. The times when he is on PTI are the greatest gems of the show. When he talks about football, I listen. So when I realized the AFL was something he could get behind and support, I felt great about watching it. I know that he probably only did it because he gets a bunch of money, but I don't care. With Jaws on my side, I will proudly begin loving the AFL more and more each week. Go Colorado uhhhh...I don't know what Colorado's mascot is. I only started getting into the AFL yesterday. Give me a break. Also, I don't yet know if I'm supposed to hate KC the way we do here for the Chiefs in the NFL, but I'm good with hating the title holders...even though the beat Chicago by about 200 yesterday. I guess they're pretty good.

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Trevor said...

Two things bro--

1) I can't even explain how proud I am that you posted on football. I know you love it but seeing you do that moved me deep inside.

2) Colorado is the Crush and I will learn to love AFL with you.