Thursday, March 29, 2007


This morning I responded to Isaiah's incessant calls for Mama by going in and getting him up. He didn't seem too disappointed it was me. I took him up out his crib and we walked by the window. I noticed through the crack in the curtains that it looked like it had snowed. I pulled to curtain back and Isaiah exlaimed, "NO!" (It's not that he doesn't like the snow, he just hasn't mastered the "s" sound yet so that's how he says snow. I probably should have written "now" but then you'd think I meant "now" which isn't what I mean.)

When I got out to my car I discovered that despite little snow on the streets I had about 4-6 inches on my car. A big March snow is kind of a tradition here.

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Alice Robbins said...

Wow! I miss snow! We have only had one day since I have been back. So different from the 2 meters last year! Hey, thanks for putting me on your "Friends" list! :)