Saturday, March 3, 2007

O Yonder Purple Star

Michelle and I were ordering some takeout tonight--from the On The Border (our nearest imitation Mexican restaurant), and I noticed a fancy little purple star next to some of the items on the menu. "What in the heavens could this signify?" I wondered out loud in my head.

I scrolled to the bottom of the menu and there was they key to answer my question. I found out that they purple star means that an item is a "border favorite."

I've seen things like this on many menus, something to identify house specialties, but I have no idea what value these are. Near as I can tell a "border favorite" is the most expensive thing in a certain part of the menu. I guess it's the owner's favorite because it makes her or him more money.

I was not seduced by the purple star.


IWU10s said...

I pity you for having to eat at On the Border...

I would rather watch one of Ryan's favorite movies without would rather have had to go to Huntington University than have to eat chain Tex-Mex.

Ryan 1 said...

Speaking of watching my favorite movies without subtitles, the library here has a bunch of films from Bunuel's mexican period without subtitles. I watched one and it did not rule.